• Services

    ResanehYar provides journalists who wish to cover events in Iran with any kind of services they might need.

  • Permissions

    We will try our best to provide you with all the permissions you need for doing your job as a journalist in Iran.

  • Press Visa

    If you would like to work through ResanehYar, we can accelerate the process of obtaining Iranian Press Visa and inform you of the results.

Services for Foreign Media in Iran
  • Press Visa

    ResanehYar is ready to help you get an Iranian Press Visa. Just do these steps.
    Go to an Iranian Embassy or Consulate.
    Apply for an Iranian Press Visa.
    Let us know the "Reference Number" you were given; We will follow up your case.

  • Press Card

    Press Card serves as an ID for journalists while in Iran. It's necessary for anyone who is doing journalistic work to have one. ResanehYar provides Press Card with the help of Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance (a.k.a Ershad) for journalists.

  • Permissions

    In order to do journalistic job in Iran, journalists need to get work permissions. As Iranian organizations and ministries have their own sets of rules, journalists need to get special work permissions. We will get them all for you.

  • Interpreter and Translator

    As you may know, Persian (Farsi) is the main official language in Iran. Most of the interviews are in Persian. Even those who know English or other languages, prefer to speak Persian for some reasons.
    With us, you will have a professional interpreter backed by our experts in the office.

  • Consultation Services

    Depending on what goal you are looking for, our experts can provide you with consultations and pieces of advice. You can make up your mind with ease and focus on what is important!

  • Arranging Interviews

    If you want to interview an official or a non-official in Iran, we can help you set the appointments. An exclusive interview or a Press Conference is not a matter of concern for us.

  • Technical Services

    ResanehYar will provide you with any technical facilities you may need during your stay. Our services include: High Speed Internet, SNG, Transmission, Cameraman, Video Editing or anything you desire.

  • Transportation

    You may want to travel inside Iran to get your job done. We can provide you with car, plane tickets, hotel reservations and more.

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ResanehYar has served a large number of foreign journalists, TV channels, radios, newspapers, magazines and news agencies covering various political, social and economic stories in Iran.

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